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Truly Safe & Effective Solutions

We, Ohm Sabari do this to increasing awareness & availability of natural products & herbal medicines; and formulating truly safe & effective solutions that are rooted in ancient medicinal sciences and by building a trusted brand. We do this so that people globally can prevent, manage & cure lifestyle disorders naturally without any harmful side effects.

We aspire to see the world free from harmful chemical medicines and toxic food substances. We also want people to realize the role of natural food in maintaining a healthy ailment free life.

Our Products

Pooja Oil


Deepam is full of symbolism. If you have faith, you’ll see God. Deepam is to remove the darkness from the mind and heart. Light is the symbol of glittering the mind.

Arappu Powder


Arappu powder serves as a natural conditioner for the hair while washing. It reduces heat of the body and softens the hair. It is an old method of washing hair and very good for your hair growth.

Hair Oil


Oiling your hair regularly no only replenishes the lost shine but it also improves your hair texture. Hair oil increases the volume of hair and makes the hair stronger.

Siruthaniya Kolam Powder

natural-siruthaniya-kolam -powder-500

Natural siruthaniya Kolam powder is a mixture of Sesame, rice, rice flakes, millets flour, rock sugar, puffed rice, chickpeas, so that crows, squirrels, ants may all eat the rice flour from the Kolam.

Pooja & Facial Turmeric Powder


Turmeric is considered as a good omen. Turmeric is considered very holy as well as its yellow color is also considered to be auspicious according to Hindu tradition.

Ortho & Flesh Capture Protection Oil


Ortho & Flesh Capture Protection Oil is extremely effective for your back pain, knee pain, cervical- frozen shoulder, body pain, tennis elbow-joint pain, arthritis pain.

The good life is best construed as a matrix that includes happiness, occasional sadness, a sense of purpose, playfulness, and psychological flexibility, as well autonomy, mastery, and belonging

மனநல ஆலோசகர்

At Ohm Sabari, we, as a mental & health consultant helps our customers to lead a Happy, Healthy & Successful life.

  • Get Popularity
  • Increase Memory Power
  • To Stay & Live Young
  • Reduce Stress
  • Helps in getting God’s grace
  • Increase Wealth
  • Get rid of Poverty, Sadness
  • To live healthy for a long time
  • To Control Temper
  • To increase Life time
  • To Stay Smart
  • Happy Family life
  • Care in Health Issues
  • To get a Wealthy Life
  • Helps in Preventing from Disease
  • Helps in Curing from Disease
  • Freedom from Addiction like Alcohol, Smoking, etc.
  • Professional resourcefulness
  • To increase smartness
  • Act intelligently
  • To improve memory

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We, as a product generator, believe that only selection of herbs is not the right choice to offer holistic health or care solutions, but amalgamating the use of knowledge, expertise and experience in developing perfect formulation and using those methods matter the most.